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Matt's House 204 - Dan Czelatdko

This week I sit down with Dan Czelatdko, manager of Farm Doc Microgreens. We talk at length about health and welness, and I also explain my absence from the podcast stratosphere. I will be back next week with another new episode, enjoy your memorial day!

Matt's House 203 - Jack Taylor

This week, Matt sit's down with midwest multi-media personality Jack Taylor. Jack is also well known as "Mr. 138", more about that in the episode. An absolute pleasure to have on, please rate, subscribe, and tell a friend if you enjoy the episode!

Matt's House 202 - Ed Hudgins

Matt sits down with Ed Hudgins, host of the Tomme Suab radio hour on Converge radio, and writer for the Tomme Suab blog. I had a lot of fun picking Ed's brain, and we talk in length about religion, and the current state of Christianity. Ed is a wonderfully kind man with lot's to offer the world around him. Enjoy!

Matt's House 201 - Chris Kroeze

Matt sit's down with NBC's The Voice alumni Chris Kroeze. They talk about the show, and what a crazy process it is from start to finish, and also about midwest life. Is there a bit of a budding bromance beginning to grow? Listen and find out for yourself! p.s sorry about my cat in the intro, she was excited to see me after a long day of being out of the house. -matt

Matt's House 010 - Cullen Ryan

Matt sits down with comedian Cullen Ryan! We talk about my last show with my band of the last 5 years, local music, comedy, and arts culture, and how if he could choose he would chop wood for a living!

Matt's House 009 - Amy Huo

Matt sits down with Amy Huo, owner and chef of the "locavore" food truck. Amy is committed to providing delicious, healthy and sustainable meals to her customers. We got into the theory behind food, and what makes food so hard to do right. This one will make you hungry.

Matt's House 008 - Dean Bertram

Matt sits down with "Midwest Weirdfest" film fest curator Dean Bertram. Dean graduated with a Phd from The University of Sydney, as well as being an accomplished student, he also is very well versed in the paranormal and everything weird!

Matt's House 007 *MOVIE CLUB* It Takes Two (1995)

Watch "It Takes Two" along with Matt! this movie was entertaining, and a big nostalgia trip for me. Let me know what you think of the movie!

Matt's House 006 - Nate Flynn

Matt sits down with former bassist from "Sing it Loud" and friend, Nate Flynn. They talk about how the hell he got signed after only playing 4 shows, and also hit on some really deep subjects such as addiction, mental illness, and the existence of God.

Matt's House 004 - Kelly Bertzyk

Matt sits down with friend and writer Kelly Bertzyk to discuss life as someone in their late 20s. They talk about being single, how being a fan of Disney in your 20s is dark as shit, and dream vacations!

Matt's House 005 *MOVIE CLUB* Hell or High Water (2016)

Matt sits down to watch "Hell or High Water" (netflix). This is a heist movie set in Texas centered around 2 brothers. It really tears at your heart ,and is VERY Texan. Wait for the 6-count and press play to see exactly what Matt sees!

Matt's House 003 *MOVIE CLUB* 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

Watch along with Matt as he watches "40 Days and 40 Nights" starring harbor heartthrob Josh Hartnet!

Matt's House 001 - Kyle Featherstone

Matt sits down his with former bandmate, and current friend Kyle Featherstone. We discuss loss, love, learning, touring, and so much more! We also find out that he is not a DJ!

Matt's House 002 - Soren Staff

Matt sits down with friend and frontman of "Them Coulee Boys" Together they discuss the differences of life on the road while existing in different genres, and also what its like growing up in a small midwestern town. Are they also future best friends?